Amniotic Tissue

Decades of research and testing have proven the safety of amniotic tissue and cells. The cells are termed immune privileged and are not rejected by the body but harmoniously work with the patient's native cells and surrounding tissues.

Additionally, an ethical and rich source of MSC can be found in full term gestational tissues such as amnion. These MSC are young vibrant cells that have proven to be safe for all patient types and unique in their ability to work closely with the body to regenerate injured tissue.

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In addition to being a rich source of MSCs, amniotic tissue have an amazing ability to both regenerate tissue and reduce pain-cause inflammation.

Amniotic tissue is a natural source of hyaluronan, a glycosaminoglycan that contribute significantly to cellular health and effectiveness. Additionally, amniotic tissue contains multiple collagen types, anti-inflammatory inhibitors and growth factors. All of these unique characteristic contribute to tissue regeneration.