How Does Prp Work?

The whole blood is comprised of plasma, red, and white blood cells. While the main function of the red and white blood cells are to deliver oxygen to the various parts of the body and fight minor infections, the plasma portions of the whole blood function to heal from injury.

When a body detects injury, the platelets work to stop the bleeding. As the body tries to stop the bleeding, the platelets will release a platelet-derived growth factor stimulating the other growth factors and cytokines in the plasma to start the healing process.


PRP Options 

  • Standard

The standard PRP has a set concentration of platelets and plasma growth factors that is good for most healthy patients when treating most cases of arthritis and tendonitis.  

PRP spin process.png
  • Customized

A customized PRP is often recommended in patients under specific conditions like advance tendon injuries, patients with a low platelet count, or patients in which the standard PRP did not achieve the desired relief of symptoms.  

Our staff can discuss which is the best choir for you.